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Maid of honor pink
Maid of honor blue
Bridesmaid white
Maid of honor black
Bridesmaid green
Bridesmaid pink
Bridesmaid blue
Bridesmaid black
Maid of honor green
Bridesmaid purple
Maid of honor purple
Bride white
Maid of honor white

Make your girls feel truly special with the luxury they deserve! Embellished with twinkling rhinestones, professionally embroidered on the reverse, these bridesmaid robes have the personal touch. They make for wonderful keepsake gifts that will be treasured long after the wedding day has passed.

Choose traditional white for the bride, and team with pastel shades, classic black, or glamorous gemstone colours for the bridesmaids and maid of honour. The high-quality fabric has a sensual feel, while the overall design is sassy and super-trendy. You and your ladies can enjoy your wedding morning pamper session then line up for a cute photoshoot!

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