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Lace Wedding Gown

All Eyes are on You in a Lace Wedding Gown



Most brides dream of a wedding full of grace, elegance, and beauty. Few fabrics conjure all three in the mind's eye quite like lace, a classic fabric used in wedding gowns. Lace features and accents have long been a mainstay of wedding high fashion. Lace is versatile and may be employed to give a wedding gown an ethereal, romantic feel when it's delicate or perhaps even sheer. Alternatively, lace may be made stiff which lends to complex, structured, and modern designs. Regardless of how a bride chooses to wear her lace – a little or a lot, classic or modern, simple or intricate, the timeless charm of this delicate fabric never fails to impress. Because there are so many different kinds of lace readily available these days there are more varieties of lace wedding gowns that a bride can choose to wear on her big day. There are gowns with layer of lace covering the entire dress (commonly seen on a mermaid cut or fit and flare wedding dress), or gowns of other fabric with lace trimmings in select sections, like lace at the neckline, in the bodice, or worn as sleeves (popular when used on an A-line wedding gown).



The Royal Treatment


Once upon a time, a bride simply wore her best dress on her wedding day.  The colour wasn't considered significant, so there really wasn't much in the way of “wedding gown trends” before 1840, when Victoria, Queen of England, decided to marry she wanted her wedding to essentially show up the other Monarchs of Europe.  The custom of wearing your best gown meant that most ladies of high station were wed in coloured gowns, but Queen Victoria forged ahead with her own style and changed the wedding game forever by wearing white. In addition to selecting a virginal colour scheme, she had the wealth and power to put 100 servants to work to create her lace gown and set a seemingly endless trend.  Luckily, these days, we're able to get ourselves a gorgeous lace wedding gown without the help of 100 servants.


Lace has never really gone out of style.  After a small lull in popularity during the 1930's and 1940's, lace wedding gowns made a comeback when, in 1950, an already sensationally famous Elizabeth Taylor wore a lace and satin ball gown wedding dress by Helen Rose when she married the first of her many husbands.  In no time, knock-offs were being worn down the aisle by new brides across the country hoping to capture that affluent, elegant beauty so beautifully showcased by Liz. Fast forward to 2006 when Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise, helping to revive lace's popularity in her delicate white lace gown by Giorgio Armani. Five years later, Princess Kate Middleton reminded the world that lace wedding gowns started with the royals of England, looking timeless and flawless in her handmade vintage style gown with a lace overlay.



A Little or A Lot


Traditional, prim, proper, or even stuffy; these may be the words that srping to mind when thinking about a lace

wedding gown, but you need to abandon that assumption right now. Lace can be subtle, but it can also be

bold. Lace can be delicate, but it can also be fierce. Lace is undeniably traditional, but it can also be daring. There are countless ways to take this timeless fabric to another level for your unique wedding gown.  Choosing innovative patterns can show off your eye for creativity a flair for fashion.  You can even choose to have a separate wedding gown (or two-piece), using a menswear-inspired tuxedo top embellished with lace and pairing it with a full ball gown or A-line skirt.


Creating a sultry silhouette using sheer lace offers a more seductive look, banishing the idea of lace being too demure.  Using lace detailing around keyhole cutouts or featuring a bodice or corset made of lace creates an hourglass shape and contrasts against skin beautifully.



Exploring Your Options


Let's face it – nobody's perfect.  But your wedding gown can be!  Make sure you're using all the resources available to you.  Thanks to the internet, we have things like fashion and wedding blogs that can help even the most discerning bride-to-be on the tightest budget to find or design their dream dress.  Exploring more alternative options, like a bohemian wedding dress or a short wedding gown can really help to inspire when searching for your ideal dress.  Lace can be equally gorgeous on either of these styles, giving a fun and flirty flair to the entire ensemble.



Just make sure, before looking for gowns to purchase, that you make a budget and stick to it. Though it may be tempting to spend a little more (or a lot more!) than you have budgeted for this particular area of your wedding, this has to be non-negotiable.  Though it sometimes feels like, for the perfect dress, you'd pay anything, it's best to stay realistic about your purchase.

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