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Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Ball Gown Wedding Dresses


For some brides, the shape of a ball gown can be a little bit overkill when it comes to their ideal wedding dress.  After all, while it offers an amazingly dramatic look, it can just be a bit much depending on your wedding's theme.  Especially when it comes to contemporary dresses, the A-line or sheath wedding dress is much more popular, perfect for brides that prefer a subdued, sophisticated look.  However, the graceful, and – let's face it – princess-like style is alluring no matter who you are.  Having a sweeping, long skirt and classic bodice are designed to make you feel gorgeous.  Its overall silhouette is stunning and gives off an aura of dreamlike romanticism.


It's completely natural for brides (especially first-time brides) to want to second guess your dress selection.  After all, there are so many things to take into consideration when it comes to selecting your gown.  Friends and relatives will sometimes have a certain opinion on what dress you should be wearing; your wedding theme may dictate the type of dress you wear; and you have to be careful to consider your comfort – as some brides prefer to accentuate or downplay certain aspects of their body type.  These things aren't always at the forefront of your mind when you start looking for your perfect gown, but you'll find that eventually, they start plaguing your thoughts when the time comes to make your purchase.  We should be honest with ourselves here – though shopping for your bridal ensemble is absolutely one of the most exciting experiences of planning your wedding, it goes without saying that it may bring with it a fair amount of stress.  This is, after all, a big decision.


Still unsure about whether or not to take the plunge and wear a ball gown on your big day?  Well, here are some things to take into consideration:

Not So Bridezilla


Certainly, there is a stigma involved in wearing a ball gown.  Many think that it will bring on criticism from others – “well, she sure looks like a bridezilla!” – but they're not as over-the-top as people think.  Though some people may roll their eyes at the idea of a ball gown wedding dress, this is simply because “ball gown” just screams “wedding dress”, and that's exactly what you'll be wearing it for.  Your wedding!  And sure, some may believe ball gowns to be a little too extravagant, but remember that just because you've got a full skirt and fitted bodice doesn't mean it has to be decked out in details.  Not every ball gown comes with ruching, crystal beading, and lace overlays.  A crisp, clean dress in satin can offer the same sophistication present in any long wedding gown.



Variation Abounds


As mentioned, ball gowns typically bring to mind a myriad of embellishments, but this isn't mandatory.  Sure, you can go for the Victorian look, assembled with tulle, lace, and decorative stitching, but ball gowns come in all sorts of different styles.  Looking for something more subdued?  A more modern look can be achieved depending on the cut of the neckline.  A sleeveless or spaghetti strap wedding gown can offer a more delicate, softened look.


The Right Fit for Your Needs


The great news is that ball gowns look beautiful on any body type and are charismatic to boot!  Wearing a ball gown wedding dress is the perfect way to ensure you're grabbing attention and all eyes will be on you on your big day.  Many brides prefer to be a bit more covered up, while others want to show a bit of skin.  It's all down to preference.  Ball gowns show versatility as they look beautiful with most neckline styles and can be just as stunning with any length of sleeve.  The fact is that whether you're classically curvy or tall and slim, a ball gown creates a beautiful effect.  In a ball gown, curvy girls find that the fitted bodice and full skirt gloriously accentuate their waist and bust, while tall girls radiate a statuesque air of grace with the floor length hemline.  Even particularly petite brides find that they'll never fade into the crowd when donning this type of stunning dress.  A dropped-waist gown can leave room for a sculpted bodice that adds a dramatic flair.



A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity


When you think of the number of times it's actually “socially acceptable” to wear a full ball gown, you may just want to treat yourself and go for the voluminous, full-skirted dress just on principle.  While a ball gown may look out of place at many other social events, it's perfectly at home when worn as a wedding dress.  Though you may have a few reasons not to splurge and buy yourself the beautiful princess gown you've always wanted, the pros clearly outweigh the cons.

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