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Here are the Biggest Mistakes Brides Make when Selecting Bridesmaid Dresses

Here are the Biggest Mistakes Brides Make when Selecting Bridesmaid Dresses

January 21, 2018

Here are the Biggest Mistakes Brides Make when Selecting Bridesmaid Dresses


Choosing the right bridesmaid dress is not something that many brides have experience in. There are many pitfalls that await around the corner in the lead-up to a wedding day. For any bride, don’t let choosing the wrong bridesmaid dress be one of them.


Waiting too long to order the dress


Where we start is on delivery times. Presumably, most brides don’t realize that it can take upwards of six months to order bridesmaid dresses and then get them altered to accommodate the dimensions of the wearer. There are some things that can be left to the last minute however this is not one of them. Be sure to order bridesmaid dresses early and that way, there will be plenty of time to get things altered for the big day. If you already have waited too long, the best thing is not to chance it and assume the dresses will arrive in time. Many companies selling bridesmaid dresses offer rush services for a higher fee. Consider paying it, if it gives you the peace of mind knowing that your bridesmaid dresses will be there on time.


Choosing the wrong colours


Where most of the worry lies when selecting a bridesmaid dress is in selecting the wrong colours. Most brides are smart enough to have this not happen however even so, it has become an issue for some. Remember that bridesmaids and groomsmen need to complement each other. Beyond that, you also want the wedding gown to be the stunning showpiece in the room. Therefore, the bridesmaid dresses can’t outshine the gown and need to be styled with the groomsmen in mind. You don’t want to look back through your wedding photos and think, “I wish I could have done that differently.” Take your time and get the colours just right.


Choosing a bridesmaid dress similar to the wedding gown


Though you might think it to be a positive when a wedding gown and the bridesmaid dresses are close to matching, when they are too similar, it takes away from the bride. Bridesmaid dresses should be complementary but they shouldn’t overpower the look of the gown. For example, if you’ve chosen a lace wedding gown, the style of the bridesmaids should incorporate a little of the same. It shouldn’t be anything more than an echo of the same look though. Many brides opt to select some details from their gown and mimic those into the bridesmaid dresses. For all of these reasons, ensuring you have a wedding gown selected prior to shopping for bridesmaid dresses is a must.


Failing to consider different body types


No bridesmaid looks similar to the next. Though they may come close, we are all working with different dimensions. This bears keeping in mind when purchasing dresses. For example, a dress that looks gorgeous on someone size 2 may not look equally stunning on someone size 16. There are some companies who are more accommodating, allowing you to find the right shape for every size. All in all, just be sure that the colour and the fabric look amazing on every body type you have in your wedding.


Choosing too many options


When going out with bridesmaids to find the perfect dress, as the bride, it’s important to maintain control over the selection process and to ensure that there aren’t too many options on the table. Though it’s important to take into account the opinions of your bridesmaids, this is your wedding after all. More options aren’t always better so be ready to narrow down the selection quite quickly. Coming in with a defined idea of what kind of dress you want is even better. If you go in with a “choose anything you want” attitude, don’t be surprised if your bridesmaids come back with a range of different choices that make it difficult for anyone to agree on anything.


The wrong style for the wedding venue


In large part, wedding venues dictate different colour and style components of a wedding. Few brides think of their wedding venue when picking out bridesmaid outfits. Always tailor the dresses to the themes of the venue and surrounding area. Bridesmaids will be in their dresses all day and thus, you want to make sure they are comfortable and dressed appropriately for the space. If it’s a religious ceremony, for example, modesty might be an important consideration. If it’s a beach wedding, long dresses may not be the right choice. These are the kinds of things one wants to weigh before committing to a bridesmaid dress.


Forgetting that there will be additional costs


Bridesmaid dresses aren’t strictly a one-time fee and then, you’re done. There will need to be alterations in order to bring down the approximate size to the size the wearer will have. Length might need to be adjusted, a final fitting may be required, and you may even want to make a modification after you see them worn. Set aside some of your budget to accommodate additional fees.


These 7 mistakes brides make when selecting a bridesmaid dress are more common than you think. By avoiding these mistakes, a bride can save time and money in finding the right dress to match the wedding. Have the wedding you want and do so with the bridesmaid dress you want to see. When you’re working with different personalities and body types, finding a dress all can agree on is sometimes difficult but as long as you guide the conversation towards your preferences, as the bride, you should have enough sway to maintain a constructive atmosphere.


Choosing a bridesmaid dress is a fun, complicated activity but there’s ultimately no reason to worry. This process is about a bride and her friends enjoying each other’s company, and finding a dress that expresses the sense of communication and connection that’s had. Take the time to enjoy the search for the perfect bridesmaid dress to match your wedding day!



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